Behind The Green Curtains


"Like someone else's life being played through my body."

For writer Felicity Goodman, the birth of her second child provoked a period of PTSD. In an insightful and heart-breakingly honest poem she describes the joy and the pain of those few months and how she is coming to terms with being a mum, her way.

Felicity Goodman is storyteller, writer and voice teacher. She lives in Warrington with her husband and two children. She has worked with Z-Arts, Tatton Park, Manchester Libraries and Manchester Art Gallery. She has three plays, including 'Motherhood' which premiered last year at Davenham Theatre in Cheshire. You can find out more here: 

Some more context for Behind the Green Curtains:

Felicity has PTSD, brought on by some difficult circumstances around the birth of her second child. This got 'missed' and 5 months after the birth of number 2 she experienced psychosis, depression and anxiety. She is learning by the day to be braver as both a person and an artist. She learned the importance of stepping up and telling your own story.