Dusty Medals

Stefanie Moore Dusty Medals and Kenny G.jpeg

"To win was everything to me."

Stefanie's hobby growing up gave her a taste for sequins and success. When her twenties weren't quite what she expected she took a whole new tactic - to disappear. In a funny and cockle warming piece Stefanie tells us how she has learned to accept her vulnerabilities. She still has the sequins. 

Writer and performer Stefanie Moore spends some of her week teaching English and Drama and the rest of her time with her two year old son.  Over the years she has left a trail of half finished scripts, songs and story ideas on old bus tickets and receipts in the murky depths of myriad handbags; but she is trying to move beyond this.  She is just starting to refer to herself (quietly and in her own head) as a writer. 

She is part of the Worker Bees Writing Collective based in Manchester and an alumna of the Write Like A Grrrl course and has just had her first piece of work published on Dear Damsels.In her spare time, she does yoga and meditates and when no one else is looking she reads recipe books while eating cheap ramen noodles. She tweets at @StefanieMoore3 and her blog is nefny.wordpress.com