Fork and Knife


"I had never seen blonde hair before..."

Arriving in England with her family, Usha is confronted with a totally new culture. In a gorgeous piece of memoir about the time following her family's expulsion from Uganda, writer Usha Rowan remembers who she was trying to impress the first time she learned to use a Fork and Knife. 

Writer Usha Rowan completed her MACW at BBK in the summer of 2017. Whilst at BBK, Usha volunteered to write articles for an online magazine ‘The Culture Trip’ of which eight have been published. The articles are about the British Cultural History of a place or a person such as The History Of Highclere Castle, England where the famous Downton Abbey was filmed, or The History of Regent Street in London. Usha currently enjoys doing copy editing for MIROnline and working as a tutor of English specialising in GCSE. This is a taster extract of Usha’s first novel in progress based on Uganda where she was born. 

In her spare time, Usha loves going out and about. Her favourite place in London is the famous ‘Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre’. She also has a weakness for English tea and cakes. For a longer read about a little bit of British Cultural history on line here’s one of the links about Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. If you want to contact Usha you can reach her at: