The C Word

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"It was a fairly quiet afternoon in the x-ray department, so I took the opportunity to have my annual mammogram."

Being a Doctor had its perks for Sarah Burnett, including having access to some excellent healthcare facilities. But when she actually got sick, it didn't seem quite so convenient after all. A humorous and heart-felt piece about learning that the most important patient is smetimes you. 

Sarah Burnett is a doctor, journalist and broadcaster by day, but in her spare time she is a writer, illustrator, milliner, embroiderer, weaver, bookbinder and maker of ephemera.  She tries to combine techniques to create pieces with a unique narrative, with work being exhibited at St Bride’s Foundation, the Meermanno Museum in The Hague and the Bodleian.  Sarah is about to embark on a body of work combining illustration and poetry, and is writing a new theatre piece.