Aunty Min


"The grainy photo shows a woman and her bike at the turn of the century... 100 years later a photo of me shows a similar picture..."

To Ros Ball, the woman she called Aunty Min was a kindred spirit, though she was over 90 when Ros was born. In a heartwarming piece, author and broadcaster Ros talks about how both women were enabled by their love of cycling and how much, or little, has changed in the 100 years that separate the women.  

A version of this was shared and recorded for the project with Croydon Cycle Theatre at their Pedal for Progress event on 8 March - thanks CCT! 

Ros Ball is an author and journalist who campaigns against the gender stereotyping of children. After many years at the BBC reporting and presenting at BBC Parliament she is currently working on the centenary of women's suffrage. Her first book The Gender Agenda, a two year diary of the way the world treats her daughter and son differently, was published in 2017. The book is an eye-opening account of the little things that cumulatively make a big difference to the way boys and girls are raised but also gives useful tips on how to fight back. Her next project is a book on raising feminist sons. You can find out more: &