A future in mid-flight


"By the time we met, I knew her better than anyone."

Writer Louise Taylor's writing career started with her pen friend. Over the years they shared their most intimate secrets and their burgeoning writing talents. In this moving piece for 100 voices for 100 years this Easter Sunday, Louise talks about her loss after her pen friend's death and how, eventually it inspired her to pick up her pen, again.

Originally a barrister who worked in the City for many years, Louise Taylor now combines freelance writing with her own creative work. Her poetry, stories and non-fiction have found homes here and there, in print and online. Twice runner up in BBC Wildlife’s Travel Writer of the Year competition, nature features prominently in much of her writing. She is also co-founder of www.wordsforthewild.co.uk, a literary platform for poetry and short stories rooted in the countryside. Her own website is at www.nofrigatelikeabook.com, and she tweets (occasionally) at @Sar1skaTiger.