The Suffragettes and Me


"I thought there was no link, and I hadn't achieved anything..."

Sakina Ballard came to the UK age 6 and after mastering the cultural differences, becamee the first woman in her family to go to University. Now she runs her own business, and helps other women find their voices. She nevertheless finds it hard to talk about achievement. In a warm and gentle piece Sakina galvanises us to use our voices. 

She read her piece out loud at the fantastic Pedal for Progress event on 8 March 2018, organised by Croydon Cycle Theatre. Thanks to all who made this great experience happen. 

Sakina Ballard is a mother, actress and Antenatal and Postnatal facilitator of better birth experiences for women through Tranquil Birth, working to support women have greater wellbeing, empowerment and support through the perinatal period. Born in Tanzania and raised in UK, she blogs on the journey of discovery, identity and overcoming challenges to lead a nourishing life