Learning The Steps

"I don't usually think about my achievements..."

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Occupational therapist and mentor Anne Carter Roszkowski takes us on a journey back in time to her first ventures into public life and how the joy of organising a great party set her up for the next big step, and the next...

A beautiful story about how each challenge can empower us to take on the one that follows.

Anne is an Occupational Therapist and is also a trained Cognitive Behaviour Therapist currently supporting University students with mental health problems.  Originally from Sweden, she came over to the UK to study.  During her studies she met her husband Mark and so stayed on despite her thoughts that she was not going to become one of those Mums taking the ferry boat to and from Sweden and on the return carrying big bags of nappies… (the Swedish brands were more practical and so much cheaper…)  However she became that person - and they have now been happily married for nearly 39 years. 

Anne is the proud mother of 2 very lovely bright and independent young women.  One is of course Miranda, who curates the 100 voices for 100 years project.  Anne currently lives in Swansea with husband Mark and little dog Fidel.  She is trying to get proficient in playing golf, she runs a bit and particularly loves spending time in their Italian house with her family.