Finding my voice

The bastard daughter of Fenella Fielding and Mrs Dai Bread Two..

Partial to baking & eating cakes, drinking tea, reading tarot and lolling gaudy in the doorway Lissa is currently doing the following things, sometimes simultaneously...Acting or looking for acting work ..

  • Remembering being a busy VoiceOver artist 
  • Teaching medical students to maintain eye contact
  • Baking and eating cakes
  • Mothering a 6ft 4 man/boy
  • Dreaming of moving to the sea when 6ft 4 man/boy leaves home
  • Writing

She would like to add the following to the above list in the not too distant future...

  • Joining the Radio 4 Drama Rep Company & reading Book at Bedtime
  • Becoming a champion surfer 
  • Performing in a hilarious new comedy sketch show... On the radio or TV , don't mind really..
  • Enjoying being back home in Wales, living by the sea. 
  • She would heartily encourage you all to find your own voice...