100 voices for 100 years celebrates narratives written by women, about women. Over 100 days from 6 February 2018, the project created a library of women’s voices, here.

100 writers tell their story

When I started talking to people about the centenary of women's voting rights in the UK, two things became clear. First, that not many people realised the anniversary was coming up, and second that many women felt that despite the huge progress we have made in the UK (and globally) women are still not quite as visible, or audible as they can be. 

Here, 100 storytellers who work in a variety of different fields have shared their stories and provided us with an opportunity to listen.


how it works 

In January 2018 an open call was sent out to female identifying writers with a connection to the UK. The brief was to tell a personal story about something they have achieved. I am thrilled that so many people have responded positively, offering their stories, contacts and advice.

The stories are recorded by the contributors, on home recording devices. They can choose to interpret the theme in various ways, all reflective of their own experience. 

Some featured in the collection are established writers, some are new voices. They work in a range of media - film, tv, fiction, theatre, music... The stories are as varied as the women involved in the project, some funny, some profound, some about the everyday, some about life changing experiences. 

We hit our target in May 2018, 100 women writers contributed, taking time out of their lives to share their stories. You are warmly invited to listen.

I hope you'll find them as inspiring as I do.