Anne meets Jeffrey

"I can’t really say sorry you know because that would be too easy. " 

100 voices for 100 years aims to celebrate the process we have made towards equality over the last 100 years. It is also about the female voice and asks who controls the stories we tell. In a warm, human and daring piece, artist Emma Berentsen talks about her rape and how through art and her performance piece Anne meets Jeffrey, she is taking her story back. 

Emma Miriam Berentsen is a performance artist and facilitator. Most of her work is based on autobiographical material and the transformation of this material into diverse forms of theatre, performance, and installation. She is interested in working on the edge of nonfiction and fiction and the boundaries of the medium of theatre. In her work her aim is to build a connection between the art, the artist and the audience. Her recent work experiments with conversation as a performative tool to address subjects we normally avoid talking about, such as rape culture, death and mental health.

Emma has taken her work to venues including:  Over ‘t IJ Festival, Amsterdam, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, ACT Festival Bilbao, Gift Festival, Gateshead, Camden People’s Theatre, London, Glasshouse project, Brooklyn, New York, Arts Admin, London and Theater am Lend, Graz. For more info contact 

If you would like further information or support relating to the issues raised one place that might be useful is Rape Crisis